About Laura Waldorf

Artist's Statement

Laura Waldorf

I want my art to be playful and joyful, to express my love and appreciation for life and all its experiences. I have chosen to create images of our social icons whose power and passion have inspired millions. It is the fire of their creative spirit that I hope to capture on paper for generations to come. My vision is that my grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's generation and all generations before and after will be profoundly inspired by my art. To me, that is the highest vision an artist can hold.

Artist's Bio

Laura Waldorf's art is as alive and vibrant as she is. Her bright, colorful, energetic images reflect her personality and philosophy. Each collage is an adventure for the eye of the beholder; each tells its own story guided by the artist's imagination and skill. She excels in pop-art layered paper collages that are intricately hand-cut and assembled in her highly detailed graphic style. Laura developed her interest in cut paper while she was a student at the University of Arizona. Her earliest works in this medium were inspired by the Arizona landscape and culture. She is a formally trained graphic artist with a degree in fine arts.

Laura has shown her cut paper work in various galleries from Miami's famous art deco district on South Beach to New York's SoHo. As a professional artist, she continues to hone her innate understanding of the power of color to imbue her work with beauty and spirit, as evidenced in her extraordinary and masterful commissioned ketubahs.

Waldorf's major influences have come from the world of pop art, and within that genre, she found her greatest inspiration in the works of Andy Warhol. Her creations cover a broad spectrum, ranging from the simplicity of Rubber Ducky to the complexity of an austere Michael Jordan. Her work includes cut paper portraits of celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Garcia, Jack Nicholson, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe as well as an expansive selection of other pop icons along with personal family and pet portraits.

Laura accepts private commissions. Her work ranges in value from $500 to $30,000.

Give 10

give10 iconI have been selling art since 1991 and blessed with a life that is full and rewarding.

Because I believe in supporting and contributing to others, I donate 10% of the proceeds from every piece of art I sell. With each sale, I offer the buyer a choice of which organization to apply this donation.

So pick an organization and let's make some art!!!